Season Dates & Licenses

Texas Season Dates & Hunting Licenses

Texas Parks & Wildlife regulates hunting in the state of Texas.  Season dates and bag limits are normally published by mid-summer, although details regarding waterfowl are often not available until Fall.  Up to date information can be found at the TPWD website.  Typically, the public season for Whitetail Deer in South Texas runs from the first weekend in November to mid-January.  Bow hunters get a head start with the Archery Season typically opening near the first of October.  Youth (age 16 and under) also enjoy a head start, with gun hunting available to them for one week before the full public season opens.

SMR is not limited to the public season described above.  Because we actively manage both our habitat and Whitetail Deer numbers, we qualify for a Level 3 Managed Lands Permit from Texas Parks & Wildlife.  This permit allows us a generous hunting season, running from October 1 to February 28.  Most Whitetail Deer hunters choose to join us between Thanksgiving and early January to take advantage of the pre-rut, rut and post-rut periods.  We can, however, host deer hunters anytime within our MLD permit period.

Information about Texas hunting licenses, including covered game and prices, can be found at this TPWD page .  Some of the more popular licenses (with 2010-2011 prices) are as follows:

License 101 ($25): resident license for entire season on all legal birds and animals.
License 111 ($68): resident license for entire season on all legal birds, animals and fish.
License 105 ($315): non-resident license for entire season on all legal birds and animals.
License 107 ($132): non-resident license for entire season on exotics and birds (except Turkey).
License 157 ($48): non-resident license for any 5 consecutive days on exotics and birds (except Turkey).
License 169 ($7): resident and non-resident youth license for entire season on any legal bird or animal.