Whitetail Deer Hunts

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South Texas Deer Hunt Pricing and Description

Hunt prices include a trophy fee (as shown below) plus daily fees.  Daily fees are $250/day for each day a person is on the ranch.  This fee applies to both hunters and non-hunters.  Hunters typically arrive early in the afternoon of day 1, in time to get settled and spend some time at the shooting range sighting in the gun or bow to be used and practicing as much as desired.  As a hunter, you would then hunt that evening, plus morning and evening of day 2, and the morning of day 3.  You leave after lunch on day 3.  Activities between hunts are completely up to you.  You can spend time at the practice shooting a variety of guns (we have everything on the ranch from a .22 to a .416 Magnum), go birding or just relax in our trophy room.  Of course, all meals are provided along with rifles and ammunition if you don't want to bring your own.  All hunts are fully guided and fully guarenteed.  No one pays for an animal until that animal has been shot, and rarely does a hunter need more than three days to take the animal(s) he or she came to hunt.  Hunters are accompanied at all times by an experienced guide who not only knows the animals, but is also knowledgeable about the ranch and the South Texas hunting environment.  Trophy fees are as follows:

Does and cull bucks can be added to any trophy package for $500 per animal.  You are also free to shoot as many hogs, bobcats and coyotes as cross your path.  Javelina, the famed South Texas tophy hog species, are also free and hunters are allowed 2 per year in the state of Texas.

Here are a few of our hunters and their trophies from 2010:

B&C Score Trophy Fee
up to 140
> 220 22,000 + 295/inch

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